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Information about Sinusitis


The sinuses are groups of air pockets located inside the bones of the skull above the eyebrows, behind the nose, behind the cheekbones, and between the eyes. It is believed their function is to reduce the weight of the skull, to create resonance for the voice, and to warm and moisten the air we take in. Sinusitis is an inflammation of the tissue lining of one or more of the sinuses. Sinusitis is considered to be chronic if this condition lasts longer than 3 months, and can develop into a serious and debilitating disorder. In some cases corrective surgery is recommended.

Causes of Sinusitis

There are two types of sinusitis, non-infectious and infectious. Non infectious sinusitis is caused by irritants or allergies. Infectious sinusitis is caused by bacterial growth in the sinuses. When the opening to the sinus gets blocked and the mucus inside cannot drain, bacteria flourishes and the infection begins. Irritation and blockage of the sinuses can occur due to:
cigarette smoke
auto exhaust
household chemicals
swelling due to a cold or allergies
enlarged adenoids
tumor or growth in the area of the sinus opening
deviated septum (bone cartilage separating the left and right sides of the nose is crooked)
damage caused from swimming or diving.

Symptoms of Sinusitis

Common symptoms include:
post nasal drip (dripping on the throat from the back of the nose)
stuffed up nose
pressure around the nose
tenderness around the sinus area
headache (50% of chronic migraine sufferers have chronic sinusitis)
thick colored nasal drainage
sore throat, cough, hoarseness
bad breath
decreased sense of smell and taste
sensitivity to light
dental pain
tiredness, lack of concentration and productivity


Sinusitis is a very common condition, affecting 31 million Americans each year.
30% of the US population have sinusitis at some point in their lives.
The average adult has 3-4 upper respiratory infections a year, and 1% of these are complicated by sinusitis.
Sinusitis accounts for 16 million patient visits to the doctor each year.
Sinusitis accounts for millions of lost work and school days each year.

For information about the hazards of modern medical treatments of sinusitis, click here.

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