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Cardiovascular Disorders

The cardiovascular disorders we address include: 

Peripheral vascular disease
Ectopic heart beat (palpitations)
Stable angina
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For the following four cardiovascular disorders the average percent improvement reported by participants following the Maharishi Vedic Vibration program is 42.67%. Table 1, below, lists the disorders in order of prevalence and shows the distribution of participant reports across the four percent improvement quartiles. Chart 1 shows the average percent improvement for each disorder.

Disorder 75 to 100% improved 50 to 74% improved 25 to 49% improved Less than 25% Total
Hypertension 3 5 4 6 18
Peripheral vascular disease 2 2 2 10 16
Ectopic heart beat (palpitations) 5 3 5 0 13
Stable angina 1 0 0 0 1
Totals 11 10 11 16 48

Table 1. Cardiovascular Disorders: improvement by quartile

Chart 1. Cardiovascular Disorders: Average Percent Improvement by Disorder

The dramatic improvement for Stable Angina is based on only one participant who filed a numerical report after his third session, but it deserves consideration nonetheless. This participant is a 47 year old man who had angina for 9 years and indicated that "in 1990 the hospital thought I had tissue damage." He complained of "pain in heart from lower front to the back, numbness in left side, hand leg and face, weakness, dizziness, shortness of breath" and he listed his condition as severe and disabling, and the frequency of occurrence as daily. 

After his first session he reported 70% improvement and wrote, " The pain and pressure I felt before the sessions is now relieved. I have such a feeling of lightness." After his second session he reported 85% improvement and wrote, " I feel a release of pain and discomfort. I woke up with only about 30% pain I normally feel." After his third session he reported 100% improvement and wrote, " Since yesterday's treatment no pain at all. This morning I felt no pain or pressure. I have a lot more energy." 

An 85 year old woman also had a consultation for angina. She did not indicate a numerical evaluation, but wrote simply, "What I don't understand I accept as helping me. " Her caregiver wrote: 

Following 1st session she said she felt good, but not better or worse than when she went in. However, after being out for 2 hrs she would usually have been very tired, and she wasn't. She was bright in the evening also and slept well & awoke with alertness. She got herself up without waiting for me to come home & encourage her. She tolerated going out in a very blowy day with more appearance of stamina too.

After her second session, the woman indicated 100% improvement. (This was not picked up by my database query because the query selected only third session results.) She wrote that she was "pain free right now." She did not indicate a numerical result after her third session, but wrote, "Have enjoyed the gracious good treatment, have received relief, thank you all for taking good care of me." 

These results, coupled with the strong results for ectopic heart beat and hypertension, suggest that the MVVT program may have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular disease and that this possibility is worthy of further study. 

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