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1) (required) Check one or more characteristics or information relevant to your current case of Hyperacidity and its symptoms.
 Burning in stomach  Nausea
 Vomiting  Discomfort after eating
 Lack of appetite  Heartburn
 Indigestion  Diverticulosis
 Acid reflux  Constipation
 Hiatal hernia  Hiccups
 Blocked energy flow  Intestinal vata
 Intestinal weakness  Food allergies
2) (required) Check one or more primary areas to be addressed.
3) (required) Check one or more Sensations that are predominant in your case of Hyperacidity.
  Shakiness   Itching   Numbness   Heaviness   Weakness   Rawness
  Pain   Stiffness, rigidity and/or tightness   Burning   Heat   None caused by HyperacidityNone
4) Check one or more kinds of Pain that you experience in association with your case of Hyperacidity or its symptoms.
  Sharp   Dull/Achey   Burning   Prickling   Stabbing   Shooting
  Unbearable   Constant   Occasional   Intermittent   Acute   Extreme
Current condition
5) (required) Select how often you experience Hyperacidity or its symptoms.
Frequency of Hyperacidity
6) (required) Currently, how severe is your case of Hyperacidity or its associated symptoms?
Duration of Hyperacidity     mild     moderate     severe     very severe
7) (required) How disabling is your case Hyperacidity or its symptoms?
Disablity from Hyperacidity  mildly  moderately  severely  very severely  Not at all
Disorder History
8) (required) Approximately, how long have you had Hyperacidity or its symptoms?
Duration of Hyperacidity  years  months  weeks
9) (required) Is your case of Hyperacidity the result of an accident or another sudden traumatic event?
Hyperacidity from accident yes  no  unsure
10) (required) Has your case of Hyperacidity been medically diagnosed?
Hyperacidity was medically diagnosed yes  no
11) Brief history of your case of Hyperacidity and its treatment  (optional - up to 300 characters only) 
History of Hyperacidity
12) How many prior 3-session Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology consultations have you had for Hyperacidity?
Prior MVVT treatments for Hyperacidity  0  1  2  3  4 or more
12) What was the average percentage of relief you gained as a result?
Percent improvemnt through Hyperacidity  75-100%  50-75%  25-50%  0-25%  Unsure
13) Additional comments (up to 300 characters only)
Comments about Hyperacidity

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